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Ally & Chad…married.

Yes, I said married. I shot 2 weddings this summer and have 2 more to shoot in November. Your saying to yourself, “I thought Jess didn’t do weddings.” Well, that is true, kind of, but it looks like if you do some begging I will do it. Better yet, be a past client and I would love to do it. So, maybe that’s the way I will shoot your wedding…be a past client and that’s how you get in. My pediatrician does this in order for you to have him as your Doctor you would need to contact him with your fist child and then your in for life! I think I should do this with weddings. You should be a past client. Over the summer I think I had over 20 inquiries. And the 2 I chose to do was a past client, Ally and a dear friend of mine, her daughter Megan.

So, I thought I would post some photos of Ally & Chad’s special day.


And some Engagements.

We did these on a night that the fire was burning pretty heavily in Saratoga Springs and there was a red haze in the sky but I don’t think you can tell.


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