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Early Birthday Celebration

Since we had so much FUN from our Labor Day we decided last minute to have an early birthday celebration.

I can’t believe it, she will be turning 12.

12 is almost teenagerish isn’t it. I do hope that I can have some relief though. Gabe has turned out to be let’s say sarcastically one awesome teenager. He turned 13 in June and I still haven’t had any time to get his photos taken yet. Soon baby soon. I will do it because as rough as its been I still need to document it.

Disclaimer first. He was (for real) awesome the first month ( I actually thought he’s going to be an easy teenager and I’m a little spoiled) and then it happened he became a teenager (turned to the dark side, I hope he comes back soon) Its been a tough change for me. I’ve questioned my skills as a mother lately and I hope I can get to a place of peace. I see how hard this is and can be, more years of this. I pray the Lord is with me and him (for sure).

Off to Brynlee.

She is one sweet, kind, aggressive (at soccer), 2nd mom to Beckam. I love watching her with him its just heart melting.

Can you believe how grown up she looks. Can’t wait to get to her 12 year photos.



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