I take pictures.



I have loved photography since high school. I carried a camera with me everywhere, to school, soccer games, hanging out with friends. I had one all.the.time! Later I worked in a photo lab at Wal*mart as the manager and loved it!


It all changed when I started having children. I wanted more, more creativity out of my camera. I found that getting a SLR was going to do the trick so my husband bought me one and signed me up for a class. His philosophy is, "if you're going to do why not jump into it." I practiced and practiced and still today, I practice. It's an art that will always change and I'm always learning.


I am a photographer part time, a mother full time. I love that I have the power to control my schedule. I can be there for soccer games, dances, plays, pretty much anything that supports my children and still be able to take family photos for clients a total win/win!!!

currently: long walks


is an inside job