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Many have asked and heard that I have done a juice detox/fast/diet whatever you want to call it and I just wanted to share with you my knowledge and experience.

On the 4th of January I started a super juice diet. The reason why, was I needed to jump start my body to cleanse it of all toxins, to rid myself of the addiction I have to sugar. Everyday I would have some form of sugar if it was pasta, bread or just plain milk duds I was eating way too much sugar. My body was suffering and it needed nutrients. The worst part was I didn’t want anything good for me all I wanted was the pasta, bread and candy. I grew up on pasta. I played a lot of sports and that stuff was fine for me to eat. This cleanse helped me in so many ways. I noticed on the evening of day 2 that my skin was so soft and the bags under my eyes were gone…you know the dark purple bags that you have or that others have they were gone by day 2 and I couldn’t stop touching my face, it was so soft. I have very dry skin, this was a different feeling for me. Day 3 and 4 was hard because I was having cravings for food but as Jason Vale the Juice Master says those cravings are the false cravings for the crap that my body was addicted to. I had to push thru it and I’m so freaking proud of myself because I did it!!! I usually give up on stuff like this. On day 4 I could tell my body was loosing weight (I didn’t weigh myself during the diet but in the end I lost 9lbs) I didn’t feel bloated anymore…YES!!! This was an amazing feeling. Oh, and I can’t leave out that I was still exercising…doing Crossfit that is. I did this 3 times that week. Oh and another amazing part was that I wanted to wake up in the morning…I wanted to…I despise waking up in the morning, I refuse it with all the fibers in my being. My body was experiencing the sunrise…Crazy stuff!

Before I started this I watched Hungry for Change on Netflix. I then bought the Crazy Sexy Diet, 7lbs in 7 days by Jason Vale but I want to buy all of his books. I’m hooked I love to read up on food. I’ve also watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, I love the Jamie Oliver shows and next on the list will be Forks Over Knifes…actually watching it right now as I’m writing this down. I’m also reading the Miracle Pill, its about thinking positive about ourselves.

If you decide you want to try you can read all the links I gave you and I’m sure there a lot of other stuff out there. You will probably also find negative articles about juicing, I did find one the other day and it was all a joke. It suggested “Stomach aches are also a common side-effect of the juice fast.” I never experienced this. In fact, after I was done I tried a cookie and then I experienced what the article suggested actually more I had to spend some time on the toilet. It also said this ‘Juicing for anything longer than a couple of days will have a profound effect on your skin, (this is possible if your juicing for a long time, having too much of one veg like, carrots your skin could turn orange but its okay to detox for a week and then have 1 or 2 juices a day if you want)’ says cosmetic dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting. ‘Not only might you find that your skin dries out as you’re not getting any of the essential fatty acids it needs, (wrong, you have about 1 avocado a day and that has the essential fatty acids you need) but if you’ve already got a tendency to dry skin anyway, you may find that you start to develop patches of eczema as the barrier function is compromised.  Wrong this can get rid of eczema and Hello I have dry skin, I live in Utah, and my skin was far from dry. A lot of people say that it can be very high in calories and yes that’s possible, you can have weight gain if you continue to eat all the same foods you do and juicing but I say to you would you rather have a freshly extracted juice or some O.J. from the store? If you have diabetes well, this this is not your diet. Ok, I just had to get that out. I’m so excited to do this again and continue to stick to a healthy diet and positive view of myself. Life is amazing! I look forward to being healthy and overcoming my addiction to sugar as some writers say sugar is crack, it’s just like a drug, its in everything we eat, except for whole foods. I’m surprised at what the industry has taught me and how wrong it is. Like for instance milk. We need milk from a cow and it will give us the calcium we need…really. I’ve learned that our bodies can’t break down animal milk and it actually takes away from our bones.

Another reason I was drawn to the Juice Master was his excitement for life and the colorful photos 🙂 I also love that with every recipe it talks about what nutrients you are getting.

I can’t have a post without photos. These are not mine I got them from the Juice Master.

Today’s SWEET BEET SMOOTHIE is taken from Jason’s new 5lbs in 5 days program, which is being piloted for the Big Juice Spring Clean in April (sign up here Recipe: Juice 1 apple (preferably Golden Delicious, but any will do), 2 carrots, 1 bulb of raw beetroot and blend with 1 large handful of blackberries and some ice. Blackberries are notable for their high levels of dietary fiber, due to the way they are composed as an “aggregate fruit” composed of many individual drupelets. These individual drupelets contribute extra skin, seeds and pectin, making them among the highest fiber content plants known. Blackberries are also a natural antibacterial and the handful in this recipe provides you with 50% of your RDA of vitamin C, 36% of your RDA of vitamin K and 47% of your RDA of manganese. Raw beetroot is an excellent source of niacin, nitrate, folate, potassium, iron, magnesium and manganese. The antioxidants present in beetroot are significant and can help protect against coronary heart disease and strokes as well as lowering high blood pressure within a matter of days, AND it tastes delicious! Share and spread the juicy word people, and let us know what you think….?


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