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At the beach

At the beach on a beautiful warm sunny day.

I just wanted to add more mishaps only because its fun. So, we made it to Cali with big smiles and excitement all around. It was a fun surprise for the young ones especially Elyse, Isaac was still sick and ready to go to bed even though the sun hadn’t set yet. We got all of our stuff into the hotel and headed to the beach to check it out and then came back to find that I was freezing and couldn’t get warm. It looks as though I was getting sick…ugh! But I can deal with it better than the little ones. Monday morning we woke up ready to head to the beach to hang but first we had to watch a mobile home burn. Luckily nobody was in it but no one knows why it started. We watched it burn and later thought why didn’t I get a photo…duh! Instagram!

So, I was feeling a little better but my throat was killing me but as for Isaac and Beckam they were feeling much better. Yeah!!

And some beach photos


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