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Time to VOTE

I’ve had a tough day today thinking about the Presidential Elections because I REALLY want Mitt Romney to be our next president. I think we really need a change and I believe he is a good man and its time America gets a good man in the office to do the job. I’m sad because I didn’t get to vote. I needed a change of address I sent it in but didn’t sign the form and it was too late. I’m sad I didn’t take care of it and so now I don’t get to exercise my right to vote. You better believe that the next election I will have this taken care actually, I still sent the form in so hopefully its taken care of now.

I’m so anxious to know who will be our next President.

Let it be Mitt Romney 🙂

The day after update on the elections. So my man Mitt lost. It was tough, I was excited for a change but it is what it is and I’m ready to support our President.

Here are some words I found on the internet that hit me hard and I’m thankful for this person that shared it (It came from a friend of a friend, don’t know who it was).



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