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Fall Season Schedule

Hello all my fine friends. I just want to say how much I enjoy ALL of my clients. I truly have so much fun with everyone and the best part is I make new friends with every session.

Like, for instance, tonight after my session was done I got a hug from my client and she says to me “It feels like we’re family.” I’d have to agree that’s how I feel when I’m done with all of my sessions.

Here’s some news for this coming fall. I hesitate to put this out there because there is this weird affect when I say I’m booked then I will get a flood of emails asking to be put on the schedule.

I do need to say it now.

I will book up fast please, please, please think about scheduling SOON or better yet NOW!

I have 2 families booked in September and 1 in October and plan to only book 4 each month.

I have planter fasciitis and though my husband and my kids may think I’m a baby but I really can’t do much at this time until I slow down to heal it. I mean, I even quit playing indoor soccer, that was painful enough to say no but it had to be done so I can heal. At this time the healing process is taking a long time because I do WAY TO MUCH. I can’t stop its just in my blood. But I’m in constant pain with my feet. I’ve meet so many people that “USED” to have it and I can’t wait to be in the category of the “used” to have its as well. There it is please think ahead.

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