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I don’t really put personal stuff on my blog I kind of got out of the habit. Well, here’s one.

I was having one of those days…it just wasn’t fun. I felt like I was wasting my summer away with my planter fasciitis its really tough to get out and walk but I’m also doing the occasional cleaning, photo shoots, editing in a HOT house and taking my kids to soccer games and practices. I haven’t had a chance to actually unwind, get away… I’ll call it my little vacation from the world. We were only there for 2 hours but it was a wonderful 2 hours.

Now, I want to buy a canoe and some kayaks. My kids loved it too! Thanks Steph for MAKING me go!

The discovery

I’m always impressed at what he can see.

First. Cross the Stream

Second. Come back

Third. pick up the stick in the water

Fourth. Found another stick. Pick it up…Its a Gun!

And now we have Roo.

Wanting to swim but doesn’t.


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