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My try at a concept



I see photos all the time that have a theme, cute props, basically the works. I think to myself “adorable.” I could totally do that. Well, I tell ya its not my cup of tea but, I’m determined to figure out MY style of a concept shoot. Its actually a goal of mine this year. I set out to do this concept and well, I forgot a lot of the props that I wanted to use…it was a little stressful because I was dumb enough to use my own kids. No, actually they were angels the best they’ve ever been for a shoot but “I” was just stressed…more on that later.

I saw the idea of a newspaper backdrop on Pinterest. I also made these pinwheels that I wanted to hang but totally forgot them. And then I wanted a different outfit for Bryn and Gabe…but it works. And Elyse kept looking at me like a Deer in headlights…is that how you say it? She said, she had to do it to keep her eyes open.








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