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Its almost a new day | Studio Utah Photographer

The day started out with a bang. Bryn woke me up at 8:50 telling me she was ready to go to school…crap, I slept in and Elly sleeping next to me. How do they that….slip into the bed?

This is how the day started

I have a session at 11:00 I wanted to be there early so I could get some shots of Elyse. I’m packing everything up, get in the car to leave and just remembered, I forgot something, and then I repeated this process probably 5 times. I’m driving…turning around because I forgot my studio keys. I get to the studio and realize I forgot my camera. I’m driving home, miss my exit, get off at the next exit turn around and now I’m heading home. I get back to the studio at 11:05 and I wanted to be there at 10:00. Are ya kidding me?! I’m not used to this studio outside of the home or maybe I just needed a do over day. I dunno. But one thing I am proud of is, it didn’t get me upset or frustrated. I’ve had too many days like this and it ruined the rest of the day…but not today. I was happy still, a life lesson I’ve been learning lately

Enough of me, lets move onto the session I did of little Taft. 


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