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Since I have brought the subject of pricing I have been wondering if any of you out there are interested in me putting together my cost breakdown for my business. How at my $400 session pricing is it a hobby?
If there is enough interest I will put it out there for public knowledge. If there is a small amount I will just email you my info because you know this stuff is very personal. I would love to help those out there with there with pricing questions and those who want to see if it’s worth it go forward or for those who should raise their prices. And this info could be good for clients to understand too.
Anyways let me know (make a comment or contact me) and I can get the information together in a few days. I have asked my NERD husband to help me put it together. He understands business very well, but let me say HE LET ME RUN my business. If I would have let him do anything my goals would have been more into the making money range.

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