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The Love is so overwhelming from my post yesterday there were many emails too that you didn’t see in the comments..and not one hate mail…AWESOME! I really hope that whatever the outcome is that you, whoever is out there thinking about the business, can really see what it takes. And there may be some that really want the success and have a ROCKIN’ business you go for it. Live that Dream too.
Just like today I was telling Angie that I think she is amazing and I am so happy for her success.
Just go with what your HEART tells you.
Love you all! And it’s not like I care about comments or anything (see the competition stills comes out). But I exceeded the amount of comments for one day than I have in a few years that’s saying something -RIGHT! I should bring up controversy more often.

On another note. Last night my oldest son gave me a note that I had to share with you.
I have been told that you don’t receive the rewards of being a mother until they are at least 25 possibly sooner. And I got this last night.


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