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Such Beauty | Utah Family Photographer

I am excited to post this session. I have been in a weird place with editing (photog’s you will understand) I took a step back in my processing because I felt that I was over doing it. Well I have decided to bring back some of my color.
This session was perfect. I walked into Sid’s store Our Little Store and JaSha’s Sid’s other half said “Jess Sid has a question for you” and then it was down hill from there for Sid was committed to some family photos. I know you think you don’t photograph well but come on look at this beautiful family. This conversation happened Wednesday and Saturday it was complete in 45 minutes and a little snow. We did’t care what weather was in the forecast. It was going to happen.

And another little plug I have to say and Sid you may not know this but you are one of the greatest examples out there for me. I love how excepting you are of everyone and you have the best outlook in life. I wish I could be more like you…mushy huh…but true.


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