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The White Family | Utah Family Photographer

…original title huh!

Well this is Mel with Melody White Studios she is a photographer from Cali and while on her vaca here we did a family session. So FUN…right! Really it was fun and the best part was meeting you and your family.

Conan this is awesome that you wanted this pose. I think it turned out great and I love how graceful you were at picking her up it’s like she weighed nothing.

And while we were doing the Mom and Dad shots the girls had to be in them too but then when it was time for the family shot they didn’t want to be there…go figure!

This was the 2nd photograph I took with this pose and I think the only one with both girls looking at me.

I love that more and more MOMS are asking for there individual shots…for face book but it’s still something good to have in the history books…or the WOW i looked good back then days.


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