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Elise & Micah | Groomal Session

Elise is my neighbor and when she asked me to photograph her wedding I was so excited because I already knew that we would compatible with each other…she’s simple and so am I.

I also know her love for PDA (public display of affection) I have never been one to kiss or hold hands in front of people either. Back in the day when my husband, Greg, was serving in a Bishopric at BYU they specifically asked me to come to church to show the students what its like to be married. I had one student ask me & noticed that we didn’t hold hands and for me, it doesn’t show how much I love Greg but for this student it did. We all have different ways of expressing love and Elise does it the same way I do but I made her kiss for the camera and for everyone watching 🙂 it was so fun to get her expressions.

I know they love each other and PDA just isn’t one of those ways to show their affection for each other,  we all have different ways of expressing it, just like I do with my hubby but it was fun to tease them 🙂


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