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A year ago…

I posted this on my blog.

And I said I would update you. Is it okay if it was a year later?!? I talked my husband into teaching us Photographers how to understand the business side of Photography. I tell ya, we have had many discussions about what the content should be but, not only that, in this process I have learned A LOT for myself as a business owner and made many changes. So, I want to share with you all, the world of photographers out there, my husbands website and want you all to go pop some popcorn and sit down and watch his video…its very insightful. I think the best part is the downloads that help you see WHAT you are actually making if anything at all. Did you know that there are millions of DSLR’s sold every year…more than there are weddings. So, there is a lot of competition out there and not only in UTAH. If this was insightful to you please share with all the you can. Lets get the word out to educate us all.

Now…remember the popcorn or maybe some chocolates.

Check it out

Business for Photography

I have to post a picture of my hubby

If this was insightful to you please share with all the you know…faceboook it…blog it…whatever you can to get the word out. I think it awesome!!!!!


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