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Its a Happy Valentines Day

Oh, how I feel so GOOD today. A little stuffy but I can get out of bed now. Yep, I’ve been sick this last weekend and it was not fun. Now I’m feelin’ good on this Beautiful LOVE day!!!! I hope everyone else has a wonderful day to.

Just have to share a shot of my little cupid. He’s got me smitten.

Just wanted to share with you how I edited this photo.
Before this is SOOC (straight out of the camera)

I didn’t like the line from the table and the wall so I took that out with Content Aware…its on CS5 and its sooooooo COOL! so easy! then I added a soft light layer, used an action called pro retouch to soften his skin (from Totally Rad Actions) then I sharpened the photo (with MCP actions High Def Sharpen). I wanted to add a little more umph to photo so I put on a texture. This particular texture makes it darker so I bumped up the curves to get the finished effect. But here you see what this texture does when I added it on the photo. This texture has a softlight layer onto the texture. I hope that makes sense for those out that are learning a little with photo shop.

The finished product


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