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Its what I got for Christmas

I did all the shopping and my hubby got to be surprised Christmas morning when I opened my gifts.  Sometimes a girl has got to take it into her own hands to get the right gifts. But, I do have to say the best gifts EVER are the what the kids make me. I cherish those forever.

1st off I got the number on  wish on my list: A night of uninterrupted sleep. 11 hours in fact.

2 new lenses a fisheye and a composer its like a tilt shift but a little cheaper. Its from Lensbaby.

the fisheye

and shot of little Ike playing on the ipod touch with the fisheye. Don’t ya love the super man clothes?

and the coolest camera strap from Shey B…I got 2 of them this mustard yellow and my favorite…RED. I love how soft they are and my shoulders love me to!

and then my MOM necklace of which I LOVE everything about. Got it here on etsy.


Sit back, relax, take a look at my work, see if it's something you'd like...I can do this for you!

I hope these photos bring a smile to your face.