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Money Pit

Gotta write it down while the frustration is FRESH in my mind. But also know that I am really writing this with a smile…cuz it is kinda funny!

So 3 years ago we buy a house to remodel thinking this will be FUN!!!! And it is – when you see the progress. But in those 3 years you don’t plan on the economy taking a dive and then property value goes down and the best part is the husband has been out of work for a year (as in steady income)…as of 2 days ago he now has a steady income that I can be happy with.
At this point we have come along way on the remodel mostly focusing on the inside and I am loving how it has turned out. But while we are REPLACING we also FIXING and by now it’s getting OLD and I’m a little tired.
Today I am walking into my kitchen and I see that the floor is wet in the basement and so I decide to take a better look at it and come to find out it’s flooding…I want to SCREAM and then CRY I can’t keep up…then the smile appears on my face, thinking back to a few days ago when I told my kids that our house could burn down and I would be fine with it (they were appalled that I would say such a thing) but just as long as my family and my photos could get out safely.
So, I sit here typing while I have 3 rooms in my basement completely wet and I really don’t care. I think it would be awesome if the flood technician says that the carpet is no good and you should replace it…wouldn’t that be COOL!
At this point I pretty much think this house is not worth the fight. It’s dying as fast as we are fixing it.
But HEY give me a few days and I will be right back into what else can I do to make it better.

Here is a look at the house. The curb appeal is gone but it has potential – right! That’s what we thought buying it few years ago.
It could use a new exterior, & windows, I wanted to add some posts to the exterior. Then the landscape now that’s another friggin’ story…is there anyone who wants to do trade?!? If I could get rid of those darn weeds…they haunt me everyday. Here is some advice to any out there buying a home – flower beds are not cool they are too much work so don’t have them – it will save time weeding.



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