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My new neighbor

He has officially moved in next door. I mean I can’t blame him he has his own freedom (no cages) the land is large enough he could hide anywhere and the owner of this land is old enough he probably has no idea…most likely can’t even hear him at FRIGGIN’ 5 in the morning. We are going to be TIGHT like best friends I can feel it. Gabe did suggest yesterday that he could shoot him with his air soft and I told him absolutely NOT (you know how boys are) but I may have to rethink that since I have been up since the break of dawn.
It all started on Saturday he was wandering my yard free as a bird with his head up high. I asked around to those who may be missing a rooster and no such luck (It sound like I live on a farmville….maybe a little). I thought maybe all the cats that we have wandering around would try and have a yummy dinner…nope no such luck. He is still here LOUD and CLEAR. I’ve gotten used to all the other noises of my small town neighborhood the horses banging their heads on the fences and the cows screaming, okay mooing, at night when they take the babies away from them oh, and the smell is really special to me too. You’d be surprised that I get any sleep at all.

Introducing my new neighbor. Yep, I was outside taking pictures at 7:45 this morning. Here I think we had a moment considering we could be friends then he walked away and started crowing…whatever it is they do.


The yard…well as much as I could with my 70-200 on. It is a great spot for a location.

I have horses on both sides of me. We’ve had to capture these guys a few times from getting out.
Here’s the story from the last episode from my other neighbor’s horses.
I’m driving to pre-school and I see them out feeding on the grass and I didn’t think much about it but in my head new it wasn’t right so, I stopped my car and at the same time another neighbor stopped. We had 5 girls trying to get these horses back in their stalls only 2 of us dared to do anything, Holly sitting in her comfortable car directing traffic around us…he he, while Sara and I do the work (Sara knows horses). In the end they were safe and sound in their stalls I’m sure it was funny to watch for all those that drove past…picture a pregnant lady chasing after a horse in the middle of the road. It’s a good thing her Clydesdale wasn’t out that thing is huge. Lately, I’ve been thinking I may need to take some lessons on horses.


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