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All I can say is I love this family. I did there photos last year on trade and got this Scrapbox and LOVE IT! Glenn has all the hook ups for me…the Jill E bag and on this years trade the EZ View Desk yes, I can’t wait.

We decided to have the shoot in the Canyon and I decided to take the scenic route from my house…the Alpine Loop thinking it would be faster….ummmm, it wasn’t and while I was in a hurry I almost had a head on colision…forgot to tell you guys that. I was only 10 minutes late.

Glenn and Dara you guys have some amazing kids…beautiful/handsome too! I hope the trip to Africa is FUN visiting family and all. If I remember right you take the kids back home for the official scare them to death never to live there.
On my trip in China with Glenn (and my husband too) he told us many stories about his upbringing living in South Africa and I am just stunned what he endured as a child. I love the thought of travel it’s exotic…but I am a little naive. I mean Angie had to save me on time in Seattle from nice black man that really wanted to get to know me…I’m just that nice.

I hope you like.


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