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Looking for models

preferably 15 and older…the attention span needs to be for a longer period of time. This is for a workshop on June 12-14

Dates and times that I need to fill are:

Friday June 12th 4:45 in Salt Lake I will need to fill 2 at this time
Saturday June 13th 11:45, & 1:45 in Salt Lake. I will need to fill these times with 4 models
Sunday June 14th 9:30 in Salt Lake 3 here at this time

All models will be asked to sign a model release form for us to use in our portfolio and in return models will receive some sort of compensation…not sure what it is yet (some sort of prints from the attendees…I’m sure)

Email me from my contact page and in the subject put “workshop model”. Let me know the age too (you can have a group of friends come together…if that makes it more fun) . Please consider that they will need to be dropped off for this is a paid workshop. Once I get your email I will give further details of where to meet and when to pick them up.


I am a Utah family photographer. Sit back, relax, take a look at my work, if it's something you'd like...Hit that contact button lets get you on the calendar.