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Hi…it’s me.

Just some stuff on my mind and want to express, plus my photoshop is down so i’m not sure what to do with myself. I have all this free time!

My oldest came home from school today in tears. He talks a lot about how much he gets bullied, he does kind of dramatize things and he is a bit of a victim so I have played it safe for awhile not knowing if it’s real, regardless it really breaks my heart…and I really want to break the bullies too…but I can’t. I’ve asked around to see if others get bullied and the answer is the same…not really. So, from the incident I’ve had it and I finally called the parents and told them. Not sure how this will play out.
I just hope it doesn’t make Gabe’s last of school a bad one. We have had many discussions about what to do but I think I am to the point if Gabe has to physically defend himself to stand up for himself…by all means I will support it. I’m just not sure that he would have the heart to do it though.

Oh, and to top off his day he couldn’t find his rip stick that worked very hard to buy with his own money.

Any suggestions please feel free to share.

On a lighter note…can’t wait for tomorrow it’s the last day of school. Our whole day will be full of tons of fun…from a water party that includes a BBQ and bounce houses to a family birthday party and then to top off the day a movie outside with the neighborhood friends. I will have to post some pictures…I should have a few.


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