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Abby so shabby | Utah Senior Photographer

…hehe…I’m funny!

My next senior rep for next year…she’s my neighbor. This girl comes from a family of talent. Everyone plays a musical instrument from Abby on the viola to the piano, the harp, the flute , and the violin I might be missing someone or something but you get the idea…it’s another Osmond family in the making.
I wish that I could play something or even read music. I was asked to conduct once okay maybe a few times and I was horrible. The older ladies used to come up to me after Relief Society and tell me that I was getting better…let’s say it was humbling experience and it’s not at all like writing your name in the air like the Bishop. I actually had fun with it.

Abby I hope you like and this one if my favorite.

It reminds me of the Sound of Music

Another one of my favorites and it went from this.

to this.


Sit back, relax, take a look at my work, see if it's something you'd like...I can do this for you!

I hope these photos bring a smile to your face.