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White Orchard

This post is going to be ENORMOUS…how could I not its my kid.

A new Year begins and now is the time for me to get those new photos of the kids. I started with Elly. I bought the perfect outfit for her and it completely suits her personality. I got it from Chasing Fireflies …it was only on backorder for 3 months but it was worth the wait.

This girl brings so much JOY to our family. She always has a way of making us all LAUGH. She is also very CREATIVE with her hands and also with her words and phrases she said the other day…that the horse poo’s rocks. She is verry easy going and CONNECTS with everyone she meets. She really melts my HEART. I love this girl I think I wil keep her forever.

I can’t resist these flowers…I get bouquets of these daily!


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