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My baby is 3

I just can’t believe he has gotten so big so quick but at the same time I have loved every moment. I just love to stare at his cute little face and just hope that he will make good choices. I long to bottle all of my children up to stay this age. I love that he says please and thank you and your “funny mom” and he has the greatest imagination from Spiderman the Superhero to mister fix it Handy Manny. I love that he gets to go with me on every errand I always have a buddy with me. What am I going to do when he is in school…I still have one more year…if I do pre-school.

So, this is how the shoot went.

Mom “Isaac can I take your picture?”
Isaac “sure”

We get to the location.

Isaac “too cold mom”
Mom “just a few picture…please!”
Isaac “toooooo cold mom”
Mom “we will be done soon I just want one of you looking at me”
Isaac “okay”
Mom “just look at me and smile” (I don’t say that very often but he will not look at me any more)

and this is what I get. It just kills me.

Isaac avoiding me and waving to the runners passing.

Isaac and I found these cute stuffed animals at Old Navy and had to have this monster…you might see the other ones later.

I love baby feet…but I think every photographer does.

…and now for the treat for doing such a good job. I think it was more for me though he loves them too but I had a little craving. We went to smart cookie and if your in utah county you need to go check them out. Bewar it’s addicting!


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