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20ft Christmas Tree

What it takes to get a tree of this nature.

  1. Get up at 6:00 a.m.
  2. Stand in permit line…couple of hours
  3. Drive about an hour (I think) to go find the tree
  4. Find one cut it down and haul it out to the trailer along with 3 other trees.
  5. Bring it home and set it up. (Steps 4 and 5 took about 7 hours…and I have to say these steps are hard for my husband because time in money so, at this point he loves me a lot)
  6. String the thousands of lights on the tree but finding a creative way to get up that high because we don’t have a ladder this tall.
  7. Get the lame tree stand I bought to hold the flippin’ thing…and this is where Greg’s handy work come in.
  8. Now it can stand on its own so move it towards the window and VOILA we have a tree.

So was it worth? I think so. I absolutely love it!

Someone in our family gave us the idea of putting the ladder onto 4 stools to decorate the tree but Greg came up with using the loft…I have to say that’s a lot safer (Scott).

Isaac has to be like Dad


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