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Here it is I’ve got more for you to see. Before this shoot I found a new fun location and better yet got permission. It’s not very often I can find an abandoned home and also find the owner. I will usually find these homes and then the owner finds me and kicks me off (which is fine but I like to get permission if I can). I also found a new couch. Fun fun fun!
Lets get to the post. There were so many that I looooooved. I had a tough time choosing. Seniors really are a lot of fun for me and very challenging to narrow done the post…I just can’t decide what to post. Girl you are Beautiful!

Remember seniors if you refer 5 paying clients to me you will get $100 bucks from me…now who wouldn’t want extra for just talking about ME…he he! Also, I need some boys/men. I am in the mood for some football, basketball, or any type of sports…maybe someone who plays the guitar or the drums. I can get creative.


Oh, and I got these new frames and had to play with them. Enjoy!


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