My pricing is simple. I offer the High Res images to a online gallery for ease to download at home.
I love being able to email photos to family and friends so, I would want acces to my files, to be able to print them when I want. If I feel that way, I know that my clients do as well. That is why when you book your session with me, you know that at the end of our time together, you will have access to your images…well, you’ve gotta give me time to edit them!

from $450 +tax



Mini-sessions, are smaller-than-normal photography sessions. They cost less, and offer less time than your typical family session. They are also set on a dedicated location, date and time (30 minutes) that the photographer will pick throughout the year. I like to offer these to give those who don't really need the whole 90 minutes as a regular session, or who would like affordable pricing. You can subscribe to recieve emails when these offers come out. You'll be the first to know about them.    

from $250 +tax



I’ve done many weddings over the years and what you’ll appreciate the most is complete confidence that you’ll get great photos and perfect clarity on capturing the day. I like things to be simple and straightforward so the focus can be on the experience of your wedding in a way that is breathtaking and memorable. So, I only provide a single package and then you can choose other elements you’d like to add. Press contact to get more info on ala cart pricing for Bridals & Engagements

from $1400 +tax



Regular session will last about an hour on a location of your choosing. Depending on location your session time will be 2 hours before sunset. 

Mini sessions are booked back to back to utilize has much light as possible and as close to the sunset hour as possible -the best light! Be 5 minutes early. I will do my very best to get all that I can in the 30 minute time frame, depending on how much the kids love it ;)

Come to have fun throw your worries out the, do I look good (I'll adjust if it doens't look good), fixing your hair all the time...also let the kids be, I can work with them and play with them, they will love it!  


Consider wearing comfortable clothing and dress for the right weather. No one, especially children, will be happy in their photos if they are hot, cold, itchy, etc. Bring your childs favorite blanket, stuffed animal, toys, or books for when we take breaks or need something to stay focused. Snacks are also a great thing to bring but make sure they are mess-free and do not turn mouths a funky color. Cheerios are great and so are smarties!


Two weeks. If you need them quicker there is a ruch fee of $50.