A Business Update

Its been a long time that I’ve had my pink logo and I think its time for a change…time to say bye bye and hello to the new.

I’ve changed as well my photography has too. I’m so excited to bring on 2012. There will be changes that I’m a little unsure about but I’m saying bring it on.

My hiatus is over February 1st. I have a studio now and will be taking studio apt…FUN ONES.

I will get the details soon. I can’t wait to show you all.


I need to add a photo to a post so I found this silly shot…fun.




37 and counting


I haven’t been able to sleep lately. I have been sitting at this computer for days now trying to update the business end of my business…….its daunting but it will be worth it to be organized.

I have updated my blog and it was a mess…its getting better to navigate but still not to where I have envisioned it in my brain.

Since it is different I will need to learn how to post different as well. So, I am trying it out tonight.

Check it. That’s my LARGE family. Pretty cool huh?!

*****Sorry you can’t click on it to see it larger…ugh! Oh, well.