Toy week 10 of 52

Well another week has gone by and no posts for clients. Ha ha! Sometimes I wonder if I still have anyone looking or if they have gotten board or better yet they have gotten to busy like me. I have to tell you about having 5 kids…its, well, how can I say it. Its really done me in. Don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed Beckam so much but I have zero time for myself…wait scratch that, I do get some time on Tuesdays when Kim takes him home to get some baby lovin’. But I’m not just talking about taking care of the baby I have 4 others that seem to need me to. Whats up with that?!?! Just take care of yourself. I mean I’ve taught them how to turn on the t.v. and get some cereal. They should be good to take care of themselves…right!!!!

Here is my perspective of TOY.
Robin won this fight. Batman seems to get all the fame so I thought of giving Robin a little somethin’ to talk about.


Keri’s. I do have to admit this one makes me a little jealous because I wish my family could do this sport. I have always wanted to learn snowboarding and my hubby Greg did this in high school. I think the kids would love it but it seems to be a little too EXPENSIVE. But I’m saying who cares now I’m going to make it happen this year or maybe the next…you see I will do it.




  • I totally feel ya about having 5 kids and no time for you. It seems like as soon as I think I am going to get 5 minutes to myself…..”MOM….can you get me…..” Wouldn’t trade it but just 5 minutes?!! That’s all!! Have a great day.ReplyCancel

  • stacey

    Okay, Jess, you are amazing. I’m wondering where you would recommend taking a beginner-intermediate photography class? I’m no pro, but I’ve become addicted to dabbling in it.ReplyCancel

  • batman and robin…genius picture. LOVE IT!ReplyCancel

  • […] photo. It is 4 ipod’s lined up on a white poster board. At first I was trying to get some Toy shots with it because these are the new toys the kids play with but opted for another toy shot […]ReplyCancel


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