52 week project…week 4 dessert

It has been a heck of a day. I went to bed last night at about 1:00 just after Beckam has his bottle, he felt hot so I gave him some medicine…it broke his fever but for some reason he cried for 5 hours Greg and I had to tag teamed him for fear of losing patience. It was so sad his eyes were so red from all that crying. He finally went to sleep around 7:30 am and we slept until 1:00 and all the while Isaac was taking care of himself, later to find out he is sick too. What a bummer! Its all good now everyone is sleeping.

Here is the take on Desserts this week.

This is mine a pumpkin pie on a piece of China, which has significant meaning it was the only material thing that survived the fire. Its okay everyone got out of the home safely. Greg was almost 3 when he burned down the house and the China serves as a reminder of the importance of life and that material things can be replaced. And what a more perfect time to bring it out on the day of Thanks.


This is Keri’s and I love the bokeh on this it looks so yummy.

Brooke’s is so fun. I didn’t even think of this for a dessert.

Jen’s brings us into the spirit of Christmas. LOVE it!

Aimee’s makes you want more.

and I forgot some a little bokeh for this week.

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