Just a few words that discribe this photo for me…peace, calm, & childhood,

Look at the Christmas tree…it’s upside down.

Urban Goodness

Oh…it feels like it has been such a long time since I have done some Urban shots…it’s great to be back. This is the beautiful, fun, friendly Sydney all the way from St. George. When we set up the appointment she asked what to bring and generally I will tell her the closet and what are your interests…she is on the student body and loves to text. While I was editing I was noticing that you look like my best friend from High School if I had a digital photo of her I would put it up but I’m too lazy to get out the scrapbook and scan it.

Merry Christmas

…wasn’t it great with all that snow!?!?

Thank you everyone for making this year so successfull. I have enjoyed meeting so many new people and gaining so many friends. It was a great year and I’m looking forward to a new one with some changes that will be happening. I hope you all had a great Christmas too and look forward to the new year.

A little late but wanted to add my card.

I have a few things to post from the workshop I went too with Angie. It’s going to be a long one…and we can enjoy the sun and warmth from the photos.

This is the wonderful Nate from The Image is Found

The super amazing models

The studio

Here we are moving onto the random stuff we did to waiste some time.

Flying high at the beach

I’m a mermaid

I love sandy feet

The security guard

Gotta have a photo like this when it’s just the girls

Snow Day!!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe how much it snowed today. Just when you think it was going to stop it started up again 3 times. I thought how perfect it would be to get some shots…and then thought no…I could post a shot I got last year on a Snow Day! What do you think of my try at antique style with it color. What do you think?

Next to come are some photos from the workshop.

The BESTS of Christmas

I have to say this season is my absolute favorite and I wanted to share with you some of my BESTS of the season.

B- Bing Crosby in White Christmas. All time favorite Christmas movie. Do you have any favorites?

E- Everyone giving!

S- Spectacular light shows like this one Click here This show was in neighborhood next to me last year and the lights from the cars waiting in line on Christmas Eve was crazy. I think it was backed up my whole block about a half a mile each way. I should have gotten some pictures.

T- The scent of Cinnamon. I could have the smell in my house every day of the year.

S- Snow for Christmas ONLY! Then it should be spring.

I can’t leave without posting a picture.

Santa came to school today…and I’m not sure if Isaac trusts this guy.