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Follow the Flag

Its always a great time to photograph product for Follow the Flag. This session was inspired by the release of the new Top Gun film.


Follow the Flag is the company name for a huge flag flown across to mountain peaks in Pleasant Grove Utah.

How it all started an excerpt from the LDS living article

Kyle Fox has always been a go-big-or-go-home kind of person. And his latest project is perhaps his most ambitious to date.

“It started from Kyle just being Kyle,” Fox’s wife, Carrie, says. “He’s the guy who grows giant pumpkins; he’s the guy who decides to start the giant pumpkin regatta, just to make people smile; he’s the guy who decides to start the pumpkin drop to raise money for charity—just to make people smile.”

He’s also the guy who decided to purchase, rig, and, eventually, fly the world’s largest free-flying American flag.

“I’ve fallen in love with the wow factor,” Fox says of the project’s genesis. “It was more so of a stunt. In fact, we didn’t even really get a lot of permission the first year. We just took it up there in the dark of the night on the third [of July] and flew it.”

“We hadn’t asked for permission from the city,” Carrie Fox recalls. “Kyle, looking back, says, ‘We did it like Nike; we just did it.’”

Despite its somewhat rushed execution and the fact that the flag used was not Big Betsy but rather her smaller sister, Baby Betsy, the flying flag had an effect on the community.

“What happened to follow was something we really didn’t expect,” Fox says. “It was in the community; there was a buzz.”

The project has since gained volunteers, national attention, and also a name, Follow the Flag. But as Fox will tell you, the movement is much more than a big flag, and it has a very real impact on people.


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