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Hawaii here we come.

Today’s game revealed the winners that move on to regionals in Hawaii. That’s us. Celtic Storm! U12 was drawn the wild card so they take 2 teams to the playoffs. We still have our game next Saturday to determine first and second but as for now I am finding every avenue to pay for this wonderful dream, along with Bryn’s help 🙂 We are still in need of filling more spots on the mini sessions for June 1st and 8th times that are still open are. I have the exact same times open on both days. 4:00, 5:30, & 7:00. At this time we need to raise about $5000. These mini sessions will get $2000 if I fill them all up. If you don’t want a mini you can book a regular session. Or you can just donate money to us I’ll take it.

Now you could be asking why didn’t we do fundraising or saving up until now. Well, let me answer that question for ya. We had to be first place to even go. In the regular season our biggest competitor is Sparta and in the fall we won them 4-0 but in the spring we lost 1-0 …tight game. We just didn’t know for sure. Okay, but you still could have saved. Your right, but times are tough and it has hit us pretty hard right now. We just haven’t been able to save…your getting the honest Jess 🙂 and that’s what I’m about. Please, please book your session!!!!! You will not regret it.

Click here to go to the post about all the details.


***I will be in Hawaii June 15-24th so I won’t have openings for those dates.




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