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Fundraiser Mini Sessions

Okay, here it is. My daughter Bryn plays on the Cletic Storm Primier soccer team. They have an opportunity to go to the Region Championship in Hawaii in June. We don’t know of this surety until the play in the State Cup finals in the next couple weeks. If they win 1st they would be off to Hawaii in 3 short weeks after the state playoffs. So, here we are planning ahead. To be WINNERS! I’m going to offer mini sessions to help aide in the cost of her dream. Let’s make this a reality for her and book them up. Tell everyone you know. Tell those who haven’t had there family photos done…ever! Yes I know a family that has done that…still working on them to get it down. Or for those who haven’t had them done in 5 yrs, you know its time for an update. And to those who think they are too fat read this article.  I am offering these sessions priced at $250 for 30 min 15-20 images. This price is a WIN/WIN situation here. Its priced for those who don’t have the money for my custom session priced at $450. So, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain  🙂  like for instance an awesome family photo to hang on your mantel for all the world to see. See how much you gain!

Bryn has put a lot of time, hard work and dedication as well as the team to be where they are. Up until last night they have won all of there games 5-0 but unfortunately they took a sad lose yesterday to make 5-1

Let’s make this a reality and help her to her goal. If, however they don’t win state cup, the funds will go to her next soccer tournament in Washington in July.


30 min session (this session here, this session is a good idea of what you can get is 30 min yes, one was 45 min but a very close idea)

This is perfect for family, seniors, or just your children. ***Families up to 6…let me know if you have 7 or 8 in your family. I would need more time to shoot and edit. $25 more per extra person. Excludes any extended family sessions.

15-20 images edited of your choose (I will put them on an online gallery) there is an option to have more purchased and edited.

Location: We will be at Star Mill in American Fork. Daniel has offered to waive the of $40 per client fee to a one time fee of $40 so that I can put more money towards her fund. A big thank you Daniel!!!! He saved us $480!

Dates: Saturday June 1st and 8th (I need to fill both days but if I have 4 on one day and 2 on the other I will combine them to one day)

Times: starting at 3:15 (questionable I will need to look at the light but I did this session at that time) 4:00, 4:45, 5:30,  6:15, 7:00 ***the fee is due at the time of booking.

My goal is to do 6 sessions a day. Please help me fill them…tell everyone…facebook it, tweet it whatever you can do put it out there.

Here are a few sessions done here at the infamous Star Mill

Extended Family

Miss North Utah County


Bentley Family

***Please note that these are MINI SESSIONS which means the sessions are considerably shorter than a regular photo session.  It means that I will have less time to get my shots so please plan accordingly.  Mini sessions are not always best for everyone.  If you feel like your family takes a bit of time to warm up to the camera, or you have small children that could be “difficult” you may want to schedule a regular session, which I am willing to do as well.





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