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Here we have it Elyse is 9 and in 4th grade. Its killing me to see her growing out of her childhood. I see it in her eyes that she is maturing. I want her to stay small. I really do. I know there are benefits to having her grow up but I really want this smallness forever 🙂 I know I’m not fair. Love this girl and her sweey spirit. She is really a GOOD girl…she doesn’t like to get in trouble, its true. Every teacher she has had comments on how good she is. She also has lots a of boys that like her. One right now is Mathew, he is so sweet. They ride bikes together and talk. She likes to be friends and hates the thought that somebody likes her or maybe she just hates to be teased about it.

I had the these clothes from last year and never had the time to go out and shoot her in them and now she is growing out of them. We had about 10 min before it totally rained on us.

Now, if I could just get my older 2 for a photo shoot I will be happy.

Then we headed to Star Mill.

By the way Daniel is selling it. No more antique store…so sad. My kids love to go there. I hope that the proposed new owner will do what he has plans for it could an awesome wedding/reception center don’t you think?

These are the images that I look at and think she is all grown up.

And I can’t decide on b&w or color.


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