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Extended Family Sessions | Utah Photography

Let me give you the truth from a photographer about large family groups or extended family sessions. They are hard. Most of us don’t want to do them. There is a lot that goes into these sessions to make everyone happy and in the end I hope I can do it with every session. I’ve had an experiences in the past with a family that wasn’t happy…1st time ever, at least, that I know of. Setting aside what happened I’ve decided to shoot them again.

This family was fun!!! At the time, I didn’t even think about getting a shot…wished I did, kicking myself right now, but they brought a table, food, and chairs to sit on. They made it an event and had a good time. I loved it as I’m sure everyone else did as well. So, if your in the market for your large family photo session bring some food a table and chairs…get comfy.

This is how a typical Large Family Session will go.

Once the whole family arrived we did the big shot, usually that’s the most important one…gotta shoot those first to keep the kids happy.

This guy didn’t really want his photo taken. I snapped this shot in the process of trying to make him happy…LOVE!

Just like her daddy.

And now for the attempt to get all the kids together in a photo to smile…hmmmm, not sure how we did with them all looking at me and smiling. I still love it.

The adults are just as bad as the kids.


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