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A Beginners DSLR Class

Do you have a DSLR Camera? Do you use it..he he? Is it always on Auto? Do you want to get the most out of your camera…it is why you bought a nice one isn’t it?

I’m so excited to announce that I will be teaching a Beginners DSLR class. The classes are not designed to replace the need for professional portraits done by a photographer – instead they are designed to help moms (and dads and teens) learn how to get more out of their camera and candids so they can capture those everyday moments with more clarity and style.

A whole day of Photography with Jess 🙂 cuz I’m so cool!

What you can expect to get out this BOOT Camp for learning your DSLR:

*shooting out of auto mode and into manual…if your still not comfortable enough with manual then we will learn AV mode and TV mode.

*learn about exposure, ISO (and WHY its SO important) aperture, & shutter speed…all of them work together to get a good exposure.

*we’ll talk about perspective, posing (or not posing) & light.

*we will also get into some basic editing in Photoshop such as using textures and layers to enhance your images.

*I shoot in RAW so I will talk a little about that as well.

*we will practice photographing with models.

*we will talk about lenses…my favorite part 🙂

And during that time we will take a much needed break and have a lunch (provided by me…not that I will be making it but its included)

What you will take home from the class:

*a reference/notebook…so that you will remember all that you have learned

*a virtual swag bag with money saving coupons and freebies.

*best of all a private FB shared group of all classes. Why is this so awesome? Because we will post photos we’ve taken and everyone will tell you how awesome you are!!!!! And you get feedback from me… and that’s really cool!

*$25 off  a session booked with me.

You ask? When is this BOOT Camp?

 May 5th from 10-5ish if we need! Will be announcing more dates soon.

Cost: $195 but if you and a friend want to sign up together the cost is $350 ($175 each)

Keeping the class small to 10 students.

There are will be no refunds. If something comes up you can come to the next class or sell your seat to someone else.

Just click on the buy now button below and come have some fun!!!

Boot Camp

Boot Camp


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