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He really is my SUPER HERO

This boy has the greatest imagination and he really remembers a lot of stuff…and sometimes it is so random.

Thanks everyone…my loyal bloggers that remain quiet I know your out there and the ones that leave comments to…I do appreciate the loyalty. I’m do grateful for all this support from my friends and family telling me that “I you can do this.” Personally it has been a tough year and I’m in gratitude for my clients that have made it possible for me to help support my family these last few months. Truly you don’t know what a blessing you all have been to me. Wow this turned into something more than I had planned. Love ya!!!!

So onto posting some of my boy these were takin’ a while back I was trying to find a new location. Thanks Ang for the idea we will need to do something fun with this another time.

He is such a pill…look at that look he gave me.


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