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I’ve missed you bloggity blog

and I’ve missed you all too.

I have been in California having way too much fun on the beach and better yet a workshop with the wonderful Nate & Jaclyn who is better known as The Image is Found (click on the link and see the images that were taken at the workshop and laugh your pants off at the nate-ism’s). I will post my out takes of the workshop and especially the ones of Angie and I. (Let’s say I am a beauty). Let’s move on to this cute little on that I photographed almost 2 weeks ago. Julie sorry this took me so long. I will be done soon though and call you. Thanks for being patient with me.


I am a Utah family photographer. Sit back, relax, take a look at my work, if it's something you'd like...Hit that contact button lets get you on the calendar.