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Photography is the pause button of life. 

Policies & Procedures

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We live in a day and age of ‘fix its’ and being way to critical of ourselves’ with that being said I’m not a plastic surgeon with Photoshop.I don’t offer prices on swapping heads, brightening the teeth, remove the muffin top, giving you a tan, & many more that has been asked of me. I like to shoot as I see it, keeping it natural and in the moment. I feel that everyone is beautiful the way they are. I will do touch ups on my images in the processing that I will provide for you. ***Please look through my images if they are what you like then you have come to the right photographer. If you have any hesitation please go to someone else. I want to give my best work to those who love my style 🙂

*To protect artistic consistency, RAW images from sessions are not available

*The best presented images from your session will be chosen to edit given to you to enjoy.

*If you see anything (props) in my images that you would like to have at your session you need to let me know in advance so I can be prepared to give you exactly what you want for your session.


I Don’t Work for Free

Please don’t barter with my prices they are set for me to make money and to pay for my business expenses.

I found this quote, it says it so perfectly so I thought I would copy and share it. Quote from Pretty Presets Blog.

“For example, say I have a friend who owns a clothing boutique. I would never expect (I hope) to be able to shop this boutique for free. Why not? The business is a separate entity from my friend and subsequently, our friendship. The same is true for photographers.

We wouldn’t expect a free car from a friend that’s a car salesperson, free jewelry from a jeweler, free meals from a chef, nor free airline tickets from a pilot. But for some reason, photography has slipped the radar on this and it’s a common expectation that we can do our work for free. Or the common, your just taking photos it shouldn’t cost that much.”

I love what I do. Yes, I get paid for loving what I do. There are times its not very fun or can be challenging but in the end I still love it. My favorite part is when I make my clients cry because the photos speak to them. And I just plain love meeting new people and making new friendships.



*Expect your images about 2 weeks from the session date. If I feel that I won’t be able to deliver on time I will give you a notice of my late delivery. If you can’t wait 2 weeks there is a rush fee of $100

*Expect to have the balance paid up at the time of session.

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