Kelsie | Lone Peak High


Where can I start?!

Lone Peak | Class of 2014

This is Stephanie’s oldest daughter and she is going to graduate, say what?!….okay, she already did since I don’t post much. But I had to share for all to see her beauty 🙂

She is so sweet and it was so nice that they let me tag along because look at how adorable these photos are. I love her smile and free spirit in front of the camera.  She made it so easy to photograph her.

Haleigh | Lone Peak High Senior

Another beauty to add to the blog.

Meet Haleigh she’s a dancer and  just graduated from Lone Peak High & we did a mini session. It always amazes me how many fun images I can get in 30 min. So many feel that this type of a session isn’t worth it  because they think “what can she get in 30 min” well, look below and you’ll see 🙂

Sofia | Provo High Senior

Meet Sofia she graduated from Provo High in May 2014. She loves photography just like Hayley below. It makes me feel good to know that they can see the beauty in my photography knowing that I put a lot into my work 🙂 it makes a girl feel good. Enjoy!

Hayley | Provo High Senior

This girl is amazing! I met this family through Bryn’s soccer team although we are not on the same team anymore I still consider them friends plus, Hayley loves photography, she posted a video that she made and it was AMAZING! The talent with our youth is phenomenal. I can’t wait to see what she becomes when she grows up 🙂 Enjoy!

Hayley misses her missionary. I think he had been gone for a couple days.