Love Birds | Utah Photographer

How cute are these two?! It’s a perfect post for Valentine’s Day because its love day.

I met Tat thru my greatest friend Stephanie McBride (who by the way is an AWESOME photographer)

Tat is one of the happiest/nicest persons I have met. You come away wanting to be a better person. I’m so happy that we’ve met.

But here you go look at these to models. Oh, and they met at Crossfit…cute! I’ve worked out with Tat and she is a beast I wonder if Chase competes 🙂

Conway Family | Utah Photography

Okay, this was the best/worst family…its okay for me to say that because Dana kept asking me “Are we the worst family you have photographed?”

It was fun though it proved challenging. Dana, you have to remember, I laughed a lot so I think I enjoyed myself.

Oh, and Dana treated me to the Best.Waffles.EVER!

Try Bruges in Salt Lake. I dare say its better than Waffle Luv and you’ll need to try Frites…best fries. Now, go get a waffle.


Sisters are the Best | Utah Photographer

Sister session with what the love most…their horse. They live a breathe at the stables…they are always there! When they are not doing lessons they can clean out the stalls to work off part of the payment for horse riding lessons. They love it! So, does Elyse she is dying to get over there. I hope we can make that dream possible this coming spring.

Clothes are from Persnickety

Hats are from Lisa’s Mini Mad Hattery