Fall Mini Sessions

 Announcing Fall Mini Sessions for the first time!!!!

Fall dates are typically booked and since my weekend opened up (because I’m not going to chaperon my daughter to her soccer tournament in Colorado) I thought I would dedicate it to mini’s for those that don’t want or need a full session this fall.

Here are a few examples of sessions I’ve done in the past here, here, & here.

This is perfect for family, seniors, or just your children. ***Families up to 6…let me know if you have 7 or 8 in your family. I would need more time to shoot and edit. $25 more per extra person. Excludes any extended family sessions.

Date: Saturday October 19th (if there is a need for another date I will open up Friday the 18th location will be country)

Location: 329 west Pierpont in Salt Lake City

4 Session Times Available: 





Times are subject to change due to the nature of the sun setting. It changes so quickly but this is my best guess.

***Please note that these are MINI SESSIONS which means the sessions are considerably shorter than a regular photo session.  It means that I will have less time to get my shots so please plan accordingly.  Mini sessions are not always best for everyone.  If you feel like your family takes a bit of time to warm up to the camera, or you have small children that could be “difficult” you may want to schedule a regular session, which I am willing to do as well.


Rachael {Lone Peak High}

I had at least a gazillion photos that I shot which made it so hard to narrow it down. Rachel, your a gem 🙂 it was so fun to walk around town with you taking photos of that pretty face. These were some of my favorites.


Winger Family

This session. It was a last minute one but I’m so happy I was open to be able to do it. The story: Son returning home from his mission and one was leaving to New York for work they had been partying it up all week before we meet by the time we had our session they wanted to sleep but we rolled on and had a good time.


This little one is my best buddy. He will still hold my hand and cuddle. I will take it as long as I can.