Time to VOTE

I’ve had a tough day today thinking about the Presidential Elections because I REALLY want Mitt Romney to be our next president. I think we really need a change and I believe he is a good man and its time America gets a good man in the office to do the job. I’m sad because I didn’t get to vote. I needed a change of address I sent it in but didn’t sign the form and it was too late. I’m sad I didn’t take care of it and so now I don’t get to exercise my right to vote. You better believe that the next election I will have this taken care actually, I still sent the form in so hopefully its taken care of now.

I’m so anxious to know who will be our next President.

Let it be Mitt Romney 🙂

The day after update on the elections. So my man Mitt lost. It was tough, I was excited for a change but it is what it is and I’m ready to support our President.

Here are some words I found on the internet that hit me hard and I’m thankful for this person that shared it (It came from a friend of a friend, don’t know who it was).


Lott Family Session

I smiled a lot editing this session, just thinking back. It started out with a bang at the beginning with dad letting loose. Ya, I hear it was stinky (noses plugged, some had to walk away, not to mention a lot of laughter). I’ve never started a session that way but it worked. Then we ended it on the football field at American Fork High.

I love that they have a love for football and wanted to incorporate in in the session. Its my favorite to sit back and shoot, watch as the photos unfolds.

Oh yeah, the last photo they had done was 6 years ago. Jennifer, I say, good job at getting it done. You can wait another 6 yrs but I would say 2 would be better 🙂

I love the process of the dog pile here…down below.

Christmas Cards for 2012

These are the card templates I have for this year. Email for details jess(at)byjess(cot)com or photographybyjess(at)gmail(dot)com. Let me know the card you like and I can give you the pricing.

Deadline for cards are Nov 28th.

I know this one says Birthday but could be changed to be a Christmas card.