Early Birthday Celebration

Since we had so much FUN from our Labor Day we decided last minute to have an early birthday celebration.

I can’t believe it, she will be turning 12.

12 is almost teenagerish isn’t it. I do hope that I can have some relief though. Gabe has turned out to be let’s say sarcastically one awesome teenager. He turned 13 in June and I still haven’t had any time to get his photos taken yet. Soon baby soon. I will do it because as rough as its been I still need to document it.

Disclaimer first. He was (for real) awesome the first month ( I actually thought he’s going to be an easy teenager and I’m a little spoiled) and then it happened he became a teenager (turned to the dark side, I hope he comes back soon) Its been a tough change for me. I’ve questioned my skills as a mother lately and I hope I can get to a place of peace. I see how hard this is and can be, more years of this. I pray the Lord is with me and him (for sure).

Off to Brynlee.

She is one sweet, kind, aggressive (at soccer), 2nd mom to Beckam. I love watching her with him its just heart melting.

Can you believe how grown up she looks. Can’t wait to get to her 12 year photos.


Labor Day

We had a wonderful Labor Day. How about you?

It was SO relaxing. I don’t think I can express it enough about how relaxing it was. We went to a ward breakfast and then swimming and then MORE swimming. We basically swam the summer away. Well, kind of, it gave us the idea to have a swim party for Bryn’s early birthday.

All of these photos were shot with my 70-200mm LOVE this lens so much. Its heavy but it gets the shot I want with little effort…meaning, I don’t have to walk very much can sit and be lazy.  And the kids rarely know that I’m taking there photo unless I ask them and recently they’ve been asking me to get a shot.

You see this little guy with Elyse? Well, he likes her and its a little embarrassing for her because everyone teases them.

My Family

In the canyon we go for Bishop family photos.

Just after it hit her in the head.

I brought a ball for entertainment. It was well liked. Sorry Jilleen. Tye kept sticking his fingers in his nose.

Can you see it?

I love the series of these photos. We were trying to get one with them all looking and smiling…how is that possible?!

Beckam Adventures

Its a bitter sweet to have the kids in school. Wouldn’t you agree?! I was a little worried about how Beckam would do when they went back because he loves to play with his siblings they entertain him quit well.

He doesn’t like to play with toys or watch any shows and because of this I wasn’t really sure how I would get anything done…like editing. Its worked out so far and now we go on adventures.

Here is a peak at the adventure we had.

He loves to throw things in the river and then, RUN…oh, and its tough for me to get him to look at me.

It was a challenge to shoot. He doesn’t sit still.