Steph called me on her way to this shoot asking for me to come assist. Glad I dropped doing the dishes cuz these guys are a beautiful family.


My neighbors

Some eye candy for y’all.

Are you all ready for fall? School’s now in session. Soccer games every week. Leaves are going to be changing soon. The nights are cooler. The sun sets sooner. I LOVE fall for all of those reasons but don’t look forward to winter. I want fall for 5 months and then we can move into spring.

If there is anyone out there thinking about family photos better get your schedule on. September is BOOKED. Shall I repeat September is BOOKED and October is almost full.

Beckam is 2

We love this little guy. So full of laughter, energy, snuggles, kisses, naughtiness, and creativity. He definitely keeps us on our toes. He is into EVERYTHING!

I have called poison control twice. I’ve only called one other time with 4 other children and twice on him.

He ate an Excedrin and drank after shave. What I’ve learned about drinking aftershave, depending on the brand, it could make them drunk. Ya, had to watch him for a few hours and he couldn’t go to sleep.

Here are some posts from my personal blog because I’m too lazy.

First one. Angels. This one scared me to death. He was on a busy 4 lane highway just doing his thing not knowing that he could get hurt very badly.

Next: I’m always finding him on the table doing something naughty. Found some apples. And this post.  I can take care of it myself.

And then: He wants his nails painted.

He’s also poured out 2 bottles of fingernail polish remover…I’m happy that he didn’t drink it. I’ll take it spilled all over the floor over it in being in his system.

And then on his birthday I left the house for a minute once I returned home I find out he has wondered down the street about 5 houses down sitting in the road on Gabe’s skateboard with a car honking at him to get out of the road.  Seriously. “Where are your parents?”

Fall Season Schedule

Hello all my fine friends. I just want to say how much I enjoy ALL of my clients. I truly have so much fun with everyone and the best part is I make new friends with every session.

Like, for instance, tonight after my session was done I got a hug from my client and she says to me “It feels like we’re family.” I’d have to agree that’s how I feel when I’m done with all of my sessions.

Here’s some news for this coming fall. I hesitate to put this out there because there is this weird affect when I say I’m booked then I will get a flood of emails asking to be put on the schedule.

I do need to say it now.

I will book up fast please, please, please think about scheduling SOON or better yet NOW!

I have 2 families booked in September and 1 in October and plan to only book 4 each month.

I have planter fasciitis and though my husband and my kids may think I’m a baby but I really can’t do much at this time until I slow down to heal it. I mean, I even quit playing indoor soccer, that was painful enough to say no but it had to be done so I can heal. At this time the healing process is taking a long time because I do WAY TO MUCH. I can’t stop its just in my blood. But I’m in constant pain with my feet. I’ve meet so many people that “USED” to have it and I can’t wait to be in the category of the “used” to have its as well. There it is please think ahead.

A post isn’t a post without a photo.