I don’t really put personal stuff on my blog I kind of got out of the habit. Well, here’s one.

I was having one of those days…it just wasn’t fun. I felt like I was wasting my summer away with my planter fasciitis its really tough to get out and walk but I’m also doing the occasional cleaning, photo shoots, editing in a HOT house and taking my kids to soccer games and practices. I haven’t had a chance to actually unwind, get away… I’ll call it my little vacation from the world. We were only there for 2 hours but it was a wonderful 2 hours.

Now, I want to buy a canoe and some kayaks. My kids loved it too! Thanks Steph for MAKING me go!

The discovery

I’m always impressed at what he can see.

First. Cross the Stream

Second. Come back

Third. pick up the stick in the water

Fourth. Found another stick. Pick it up…Its a Gun!

And now we have Roo.

Wanting to swim but doesn’t.

Alena | High School Senior Photography

Hello my High School Senior friends. I would like to talk to you about your Senior photos for 2013. Many people ask me when is the best time to get their Senior photos taken and I suggest to them to do it the summer before school starts and the typical response is

“Why? I’m not a Senior yet”

From experience most people want them done in the spring before they graduate and while that’s great…and I’m sure I can fit you in but the weather is CRAZY. This last spring I had to reschedule one girl 4 times before we had a good weather day…it was cutting it close to send out her Grad Announcements…which I made. Did you know you can order them from me. I think mine are cooler 🙂

You’ll be getting your yearbook photo taken this summer and they’ll take a few other shots but guess what you don’t have to buy them they’re not your only option.

You have Photography By Jess as an option and let me tell you I’m a cool option. I know how to make you look good and you’ll love showing your photos to friends and family. Plus, you’ll feel like a model for a day!

With that being said I’m offering Summer Senior Sessions for the rest of the summer.

If your session is booked and shot by the end of August you will get %50 off of the session fee ($150 session fee)

***note: at the time of booking you will pay the discounted rate to hold your date***

Here’s a typical session that you can look forward to having.

Check out some of the other fun sessions I’ve photographed.

The boys first David, Trevan, Braden, and then the girls Shelbie, Kaylie, Deni, Senior Friends, Emily, Maddie, Tarryn, Allyse, Abby, Courtney, Brooke, Amberlyn, Cydnee, Rachelle, Tara, Maddie, Cami, Ally, Abby, Elise, Hippie Girls, I have to add this senior I did in 2008, Zac. I still love this session.

I put a lot of links here for you to glance at and what I want you to notice is that they are all different.

When you book with me you will get a unique experience. That’s all your own!

Here are what the cards would look like.

This is what Jeanna (Mom of the Senior) said about the cards “By the way…everyone loved them! I had so many calls on how cute they were :)”

Strawberry Shortcake

Its becoming more and more oficial I’m not good with concepts or props 🙂 Mostly because I have an idea in mind of what I want the photo to look like and then, it doesn’t happen….ugh!!!

I mean, I still love the shots but its not what I pictured to get or create. But, I will keep trying because its what I decided to work on this year for my growth as a photographer.

How I came up with the idea.

I have this Strawberry Shortcake doll from when I was little. I must have loved her because my whole room was decorated Strawberry Shortcake I even had rainbow shag carpet…COOL! I remember how cool the room was but honestly don’t remember play with dolls when I was young but then again I don’t remember much of my childhood…not sure why that is…some people say that it will haunt me later in life,…we’ll see. So, I basically took the doll and then dressed Elyse. I had my sister in law make the apron to match…she’s the best!

The dress is a Persnickety dress and the socks Matilda Jane and the boots I borrowed from my friend Angie.

Love Collection from Persnickety | Utah Photographer

As most of you may know I shoot for the Persnickety Clothing Line. They have such cute clothes. I love pretty much everything they make.

I want to show you the 2 installments so far this Summer. You buy this as an outfit and only an outfit. The money purchased from these outfits will go to a charitable cause. They will be helping to finish building an orphanage in Guatemala with sales from these items.  How cool is that?!

Extended Family Sessions | Utah Photography

Let me give you the truth from a photographer about large family groups or extended family sessions. They are hard. Most of us don’t want to do them. There is a lot that goes into these sessions to make everyone happy and in the end I hope I can do it with every session. I’ve had an experiences in the past with a family that wasn’t happy…1st time ever, at least, that I know of. Setting aside what happened I’ve decided to shoot them again.

This family was fun!!! At the time, I didn’t even think about getting a shot…wished I did, kicking myself right now, but they brought a table, food, and chairs to sit on. They made it an event and had a good time. I loved it as I’m sure everyone else did as well. So, if your in the market for your large family photo session bring some food a table and chairs…get comfy.

This is how a typical Large Family Session will go.

Once the whole family arrived we did the big shot, usually that’s the most important one…gotta shoot those first to keep the kids happy.

This guy didn’t really want his photo taken. I snapped this shot in the process of trying to make him happy…LOVE!

Just like her daddy.

And now for the attempt to get all the kids together in a photo to smile…hmmmm, not sure how we did with them all looking at me and smiling. I still love it.

The adults are just as bad as the kids.