Business for Photography

Check this out.

My husband has created this online workshop for photographers and if your anything like me I’ve never really loved the business side of my photography business as much as I’ve loved the photography. Marketing, pricing, efficiency – not my favorite but it is SO important for me to stay in love with my photography business. My husband put together a free online workshop for us photographers to help us out.

It’s a seriously great tool – check it out at

Persnickety Clothing | Utah Children Photography

Elyse and I went on a shoot yesterday. She loves getting all dressed up and posing for me. She also loves to get creative.

So, what’s cool about this location is that its my neighbor’s house. I drive past it all the time thinking I’ve gotta shoot there. The best part about it is you can shoot there anytime during the day. Its not a big spot but with one person or 2 you don’t need a lot of location.